JBug.cz setkání Brno 7.11.2012: Thomas Diesler, JBoss OSGi Lead

Zveme vás na setkání 7.11.2012 na FI MUNI, D2, od 19:00.

Hlavní host: Thomas Diesler, JBoss OSGi Lead

Toto setkání bude především v angličtině.

This session gives deep insight in the JBoss OSGi subsytem that is available in the JBoss Application Server. Starting with background information on OSGi and Java Modularity in general, Thomas introduces the main objectives of this technology and explains the unique JBoss OSGi vision. Combining the best of two worlds he shows how modern Enterprise Applications on AS7 can use the OSGi component model and vice versa. Understanding this technology helps to make qualified decisions about complex scalable Enterprise Applications.

Zasláno v: JBoss, Setkání