JBug.cz setkání Brno 12.12.2012: Max Rydahl Andersen, JBoss Tools Lead

Czech JBoss User Group Vás srdečně zve na setkání JBUG, které se koná ve středu 12. prosince 2012 v prostorách Fakulty Informatiky Masarykovy Univerzity v místnosti D2 od 19:00.

Presenter: Max Rydahl Andersen, JBoss Tools Lead

OpenShift is Red Hat’s Platform-As-A-Service which supports multiple languages and frameworks. In this talk we will present on how OpenShift works and especially how to use it from Eclipse and with the JavaEE Support it has.

We will outline how to
* Deploy JavaEE applications
* Debug your app locally and remotely on OpenShift
* Monitor your application
* Load data into an SQL database and use it
* Use Eclipse and Forge with OpenShift
* Configure/tweak AS7 and OpenShift it self

And if time we can give a few tips & tricks for OpenShiftplus outline other features of OpenShift and compare it to other PAAS you might have experience with.

You can use hashtag #jbugcz
Můžete použít hashtag #jbugcz

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